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Chunsong music center

천송뮤직센터는 천송재단에서 제주 문화예술 진흥의 비전을 품고 어린이 및 청소년 음악교육과 도민을 위한 예술 활동을 위해 설립되었으며,

 천송뮤직센터는 천송음악아카데미를 통하여 어린이 청소년 합창단 운영 및 음악교육과 도민을 위한 합창, 작곡, 지휘 등의 전문적인 음악강좌를 개설하여 음악 발전의 기반을 마련하고, 도민을 중심으로 한 시민 합창단의 창단, 정기, 기획연주등을 통해 지역사회에 평화의 노래, 화합의 노래가 울려퍼지게 할 것 입니다.

Chun-Song Music Center was launched under Chun-Song Foundation for children and youth’s music education and artistic activities with the vision of promoting culture and art in Jeju Island. For the first program of Chun-Song Music Center, Chun-Song Music Academy was started to make the base of musical development by managing professional music lectures for the community, which includes choral music, composition, conducting, and more. As music-educational programs for the community, the artistic director founded Chun-Song Children’s Choir and Jeju Ladies Choir. The Center strives to make songs of peace and harmony to be resonated throughout the society by opening regular∙project concerts, and more with citizens’ choirs.

chunsong children's choir

jeju ladies choir

chunsong music academy

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